KOS-MOS by Choco

2020.10.31 02:10 OtakuVisualArts KOS-MOS by Choco

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2020.10.31 02:10 LoupSlice KOS RECRUITING

“KILL ON SIGHT” - A Rust Clan dedicated to promoting fun and relaxed game play BUT competitive too.
Who are we?
A group of friends who play on Rustified servers that just want to have a good time. The group has typically 2 people on at any given time nearly 24 hours a day.
Who are you?
We Have Requirements However!
Our expectations
We have implemented systems to encourage players to get to know each other, reduce confusion about in-game events, build and improve team work, and address anything else that may come up. We are dedicated to making sure the clan is a welcoming and fun place.
If Interested check out our discord and fill out an application on our discord https://discord.gg/4k9BA9BeAu
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2020.10.31 02:01 Rare_Necessary_5907 ADVICE PLEASE?

Hi! I am a PT student,, from a school na hindi naman big 4 pero nagtatop din sa PT board exams. Nagkaroon ako ng tres (passing) na grades sa subjects ko in the past. Medyo nahihirapan na rin po ako sa kurso ko at ayoko sa fact na ang baba ng grades ko kahit anong gawin ko. Target ko is ASMPH for med school sana e, kaso seeing my grades (gwa 2.3 and a 3rd yr college student), parang wala akong pag asa..
I am planning to shift to BIOCHEM,, to start over,, to have a decent grades that look good on medical application
Mga doc, ano po ba tingin niyong magandang gawin? :(
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2020.10.31 01:50 jacobs0n Did any of you guys buy from Amazon during Black Friday last year?

Can you share your experiences? Iniisip ko kasi kung try ko sya gawin this year. Although I guess I have to divide my orders so that each one is less than 10k.
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2020.10.31 01:12 NoizeSODA Why is it safer to run into geared players far inland, than fresh players at the coast?

It's strange, man. I've had decent (although short) interactions with geared players inland, but I can't say the same for anyone near the coast. I get that freshies have nothing to lose, but why KOS when I'm offering you food? It's lame to just ruin an interaction like that... I'mma keep trying though.
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2020.10.31 01:10 russellthevillan Need help finding KO

The video was a Canadian guy and a black guy, the Canadian dude knocks out the black guy after some words and a second Canadian is heard in the background yelling.
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2020.10.31 01:07 SonkyJ Thomas Almeida vs White Tiger, Who Would Win?! Who Would Win - Let AI decide on AI.Decider

White Tiger vs Thomas Almeida, tie or KO? comparison Thomas Almeida vs White Tiger
Round 1: Two, three jabs by Thomas Almeida, but no follow-up. White Tiger catches one of Thomas Almeida’s body kick attempts and gets a final takedown in the center of the octagon to close out the round. Combinations flowing. Knee to the body by Thomas Almeida, White Tiger’s knee aims for the head.
Round 2: Body kick from White Tiger, right hook by Thomas Almeida. Thomas Almeida fakes a takedown, but that puts White Tiger right into range to be grabbed by Thomas Almeida. Flying knee by Thomas Almeida and White Tiger walks through it. Another straight left from White Tiger, who takes a finger in the eye.
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2020.10.31 01:05 vector_dev Monthly allowance

Hi! Tanong ko lang po kung ung monthly allowance ay ibibigay lang sa mga months na may klase. Kagaya ngayon, 3 months lang po ang 1st sem namin, 21K po ang marereceive?
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2020.10.31 01:02 Imaginify VGA Monitor Dimming?

So we had a couple monitors in my basement and I decided it to take one and add it to my setup, but the problem is that my graphics card (EVGA 2060 KO Ultra) has a display port, an HDMI port annnd... a VGA port. The bottom line is that when changing the color settings on this monitor it will show up bright, but then over the course of about a minute it will get extremely dim, so dim that it's hard to see what's on the screen. I'm pretty tech savvy but I don't know much about VGA cables and I'm not familiar with the technology. Any ideas as to why it shows up bright at first but then gets dim? I'd really appreciate it.
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2020.10.31 00:55 ConorCulture Book Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship Reign: Part 2 - American Venom

Last time we were here we saw Jon Moxley make his fourth AEW World Championship successful defence. He had overcome Death Triangle, and May even have planted the seeds for their eventual dissolving. Him and Pac went to war for 30+ minutes at All Out, and that came after over a month of fighting. They had wrestled in tag matches twice already in the build up, with Moxley getting pinned for the first time all year twice in that time.
He had successful defences against Kenny Omega, Brian Cage and Darby Allin up until this point. Omega and Moxley had their first authorised match in the main event of Double or Nothing for the gold. Moxley won after a hellacious war, but on that same night - new arriver to the company, Brian Cage, won the Casino Ladder Match in his debut to become #1 Contender.
They would fight in Wembley Arena, England at Fyter Fest, where Moxley won in a Machine’s Rules Match. Not before The Man Called Sting showed up. Mox and Sting made friends, and head into Fight for the Fallen facing against a man who found himself first on the rankings, Darby Allin.
Allin and Moxley faced in a No DQ match, and despite the weapons and blood - what hurt Jon most was he felt like he was fighting himself from 10 years ago. Out of respect he offered friendship and to team together. They did, where they faced Death Triangle. Pac and Moxley entered feud, where Brian Cage and new pal Ricky Starks entered the fray, along with The Rhodes Brothers. This led to a 10-men Tag Team Match on Dynamite, which marked Sting’s final ever match. That ended with Fénix pinning Jon Moxley, earning himself a title match. Mox then would defeat Pac, where we ended off. This leads us into...
Book Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship Reign - Part 2: American Venom
All Out is finished - Jon Moxley defeated Pac in the main event to retain his AEW World Championship. But that’s not the saga of Jon Moxley and Death Triangle over and done with yet. Fénix pinned Jon Moxley a couple weeks ago and is owed a match for Moxley’s title. The Dynamite after All Out, a banged up Jon Moxley comes out and says that him and Death Triangle’s war isn’t over yet. When Fénix walks out from the ramp on his own, Jon tells him to see him next week. FÉNIX HITS MOXLEY WITH A TOPE CON HILO THOUGH BEFORE HE LEAVES!! FÉNIX THROWS HIM OVER THE GUARDRAIL TO THE FLOOR!! He stands tall and walks off in victory, flapping his fingers up and down to the fans for their reaction to be louder.
By next week Moxley now has a hurt arm since he landed on the concrete with it. Him and Fénix have a meeting authorised by Kurt Angle! It’s the same set up as Jericho and OC’s debate authorised by Eric Bischoff, it has Kurt on the stage as his desk with Fénix and Jon at their own stands either side of him. Fénix has a translator with him. He compliments both men on their work before hand, and lets the challenger speak first. Having Fénix speak in his raw Spanish voice will make him seem the most emotional, rather than have his eyes be lost trying to think of how to say what he wants in English. The translator tells Kurt that Fénix says Moxley may have defeated the rest of Death Triangle, but he hasn’t beat him. As far the records go, Fénix is 1-0 against Jon. Angle and the translator could probably have a funny moment, since Kurt is just a funny guy.
Moxley rebounds with a retort, saying it’s hard to take Fénix seriously wearing his little superman mask and having his nerdy translator speak for him. He laughs at the translator and jokes he should face him instead. “Some real competition” Mox laughs. The translator mumbles what Moxley said to Fénix. He asks if he can jump Jon right now. The translator asks Angle, who tells him “well he already knows what’s coming”. Midway through that sentence though, FÉNIX RUNS ACROSS AND HITS MOXLEY WITH A FRONT DROPKICK!! JON GOES FLYING OFF THE STAGE!! Pac and Pentagon come out then and laugh with Fénix. They all hold up a Cero Miedo taunt, with Angle in the background doing one upside-down.
Fénix and Moxley’s clash is set up for the AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show: Chris Jericho’s 30th Anniversary of Wrestling. This means they have 3 weeks until their clash. Moxley would come out again, looking for a non-title match with Fénix this instant. Fénix would come out, slowly walking towards Jon. Jon would retreat as soon as Fénix steps through the ropes. He looks confused at why Mox left straight after calling him out. Mox then says “…now.” AND OUT COMES WILL HOBBS!! Fénix turns around into a SPINEBUSTER!! Jon then rolls back in and says “now we’re even. Next week I want you at your edgelord brother to take on me and my new pal Will.”
And that much happens, as The Lucha Bros take on Jon Moxley and Will Hobbs on the September 30th edition of Dynamite. Hobbs gets a lot of time to shine, showing off his athleticism. The highlight of the match being him doing an ASAI MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE!! The ending spot sees The Lucha Bros win after pinning Will Hobbs with a Fear FactoDiving Foot Stomp combo. This means Fénix is now 2-0 against Jon. The go home week sees Jon do one of his usual promos outside under of the hot Nevada sun in front of a graffiti covered wall. He says this will end the months of torment him and Death Triangle have put each other through.
AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Fénix - AEW World Championship
One year ago Dynamite made its inception, the launch of a brand new promotion’s first TV Show was happening live on TNT. On that episode in the main event we witnessed Jon Moxley interrupting the match to attack Kenny Omega, and hit him with a Paradigm Shift through a glass coffee table. The week following we witnessed Fénix make his Dynamite debut in the First Round of the AEW World Tag Team Championships tournament, where him and his brother Penta took on Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy of the Jurassic Express. One year later.
During Jon Moxley’s entrance, he bumps into a wild Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi is here to celebrate with Jericho for his 30th Anniversary of Wrestling. Tanahashi bows to him and Moxley pats him on the back, before continuing on his march. He hops the guardrail and as if the match could start any other way - FÉNIX WITH A TOPE CON HILO STRAIGHT OFF THE BAT!! The bell rings and the match has started with a bang. Fénix hits him with an elbow before throwing him to the ring post. He looks down at the AEW World Championship and holds it up to the crowd, proclaiming it to be his. HE THEN TURNS AROUND TOA KNEE TO THE GUT FROM MOX!! He throws him into the ring and now we begin.
Moxley hammers elbows to Fénix, but then when he rebounds off the ropes for a Lariat - FÉNIX WITH A HURRICANERANA OUT OF NOWHERE!! Fénix with an Overhead Chop to Jon! He then runs the ropes for a Head Scissors, but Moxley rolls through with it. He slides to the outside. Then Fénix runs up for a Baseball Slide - BUT MOX CATCHES HIM AND THROWS THE CHALLENGER INTO THE GUARDRAIL!! MOXLEY STARTS TO SHOULDER BARGE FÉNIX AGAINST THE STEEL!! Jon then takes his title back up from the floor and hands it to Justin Roberts. He says a few words to him, but from behind is FÉNIX RUNNING UP FROM BEHIND WITH A FRONT DROPKICK!! HE THROWS MOX BACK IN AND HITS THE LA GARRA DE FÉNIX!!! 1..............2.............KICK OUT BY MOX!!!
Just a few minutes have gone by and we’ve already seen all of this. This is the definition of balls to the walls wrestling. Fénix gets up and looks at Moxley, angry he didn’t put him down straight away. Fénix gets up to his feet and lifts Mox up with him. Jon with a quick elbow to the head and follows with a MONEY CLIP!! FÉNIX ESCAPES!! Fénix arm drags Mox to the corner and hits him with his TIGHTROPE KICK!! Jon falls and Fénix scales the ropes again. He’s crotched by Jon however! SUPLERPLEX FROM MOXLEY!!! 1.......2........KICK OUT BY FÉNIX!!! FÉNIX GETS UP AND HITS A SUPERKICK!! HE GOES FOR A HANDSPRING CUTTER! MOXLEY CATCHES AND GOES TO THROW HIM OUT THE RING!! FÉNIX LANDS ON THE ROPES, JUMPS ON THEM A FEW TIMES - SPRINGBOARD TORNILLO!!
Once they’re back up they stand on opposite corners as the crowd applaud their performance. FÉNIX THEN SPRINTS WITH A SPRINGBOARD KICK IN THE CORNER!! He goes for a Snapmare but Moxley picks him up into a MOXICITY!!! JON WITH A DIVING ELBOW DROP!! 1.............2.........FÉNIX GETS THE ROPES!! FÉNIX WITH A CORKSCREW ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! He slides out to the apron. HE DIVES FOR A SPRINGBOARD DRAGONRANA!!! MOXLEY CATCHES AND HITS THE MONEY CLIP!! 1.............2............KICK OUT!! MOXLEY GOES FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT!! FÉNIX ESCAPES AND HITS THE SPANISH FLY!! He throws Moxley into the ropes. FÉNIX THEN WITH A SPRINGBOARD MISSILE DROPKICK FROM ONE SIDE OF THE RING TO THE OTHER!! Moxley is knocked out the ring. FÉNIX THEN WITH A SOMMERSAULT TOPE SUICIDA!!
They’re now both laying on the outside. Fénix overshot the mark and now is in some front row sitters laps. He goes to jump off the guardrail but Moxley catches him! He places him on the apron. Jon gets up with him and hits a kick to the head! JON THEN LIFTS FÉNIX UP FOR A GOTCH-STYLE PILEDRIVER - ON THE APRON!! MOXLEY ROLLS HIM IN, AND GOES FOR AN ELBOW DROP!! FÉNIX LIFTS HIM OFF THE THE TOP ROPES AND TRIES THE BLACK FIRE DRIVER!! HE SPINS MOX AROUND, WHO FLIES OUT OF IT!! DISCUS LARIAT! FOLLOWED BY THE MOTHER OF ALL PARADIGM SHIFTS!!!!! 1..............2...........3!!!! MOXLEY RETAINS AFTER A WAR WITH THE MAN OF A THOUSAND LIVES!!!
Jon Moxley defeats Fénix (14:56)
After the match Moxley limps out the ring and back up the stage, his title slung over his shoulder. Meanwhile Fénix lays in the centre of the ring, gassed out of his mind from what just happened. His brother, Pentagon Jr. walks out to comfort his brother. A man in pain, and feeling grief. Pentagon lifts Fénix up, and looks past the mask to see who he knows more than anyone in the world. He offers a Cero Miedo, and Fénix lifts up his arm to do the same. Then when they throw their hands down into the taunt - PENTAGON GRABS FÉNIX AND ARM DRAGS HIM TO THE MAT!! He know kneels above, still holding the arm. He then slowly reclines it...AND SNAPS THE ARM OF HIS OWN BROTHER!! Pentagon looks at Fénix, the same blood as his, writhing in pain at the hands of him. He then grabs Fénix by the jaw and makes him look at him, barely conscious. “Cero...Miedo...”
Next week opens with a recap of the events that transpired last week. We see the high spots of Fénix and Jon Moxley’s war over the title, and then to Pentagon Jr’s attack of him. This then cuts to a promo package for that man, Pentagon Jr. To the backing of Marilyn Manson’s “The Nobodies”, we see the man who Pentagon truly is. He then explains why he did what he did. He explains he doesn’t feel empathy for what he did, he thinks he was perfectly justified. He explains how it benefits him. Later on in the show, Fénix and his translator come out. The translator explains that Fénix has seen the video himself. In the man of a thousand lives words, “those are the emotions of a psychopath. 30 years, and I don’t even know who you truly were.”
Pac comes out to Fénix and tells him: “Death Triangle is dead.” He then explains how he himself is furious at Pentagon, because he still considers Fénix his amigo. Moxley then comes out and says he thinks they both deserve rematches for the AEW World Championship, as they’re both still Number 1 and 2 on the rankings. But he then says that next week on the special episode of Dynamite: “SuperBrawl”, he will allow Pentagon to get what he wants. Because he saw the seeds being planted for this moment back when they faced. So next week if Pentagon can defeat Fénix, it will be a Four-way match between all of them at Full Gear. He then gets a text from Tony Khan confirming it. Pac then tells Fénix “you can trust me.” Fénix shakes his head though. He can no longer trust anyone. HE ITS PAC WITH A BLACK FIRE DRIVER!!
Next week is SuperBrawl and Fénix and Pentagon have pretty much the same match they had in real life, which at the time of writing was last weeks Dynamite. Pentagon wins by targeting Fénix’s arm throughout. Then on the go home show at the beginning of November, all four of them have a contract signing. They all sit at chairs in the four respective corners of the ring. They’re all wrapped in chains so no one attacks anyone. They will only be unchained when they go to sign the contract. Fénix is wearing a sling for his injured arm. Pentagon says nothing throughout despite being the centre of criticism. When he steps up he signs it and walks straight back, despite having security guards watching him like a hawk. The rest all sigh it, but the main part of it is everyone throwing barbs at each other from each corner of the ring. Pentagon is then demanded he speaks. He waits a moment, before saying “larga vida al rey.” Excalibur says that means “long live the king.” They’re on all escorted off ahead of the bout.
Full Gear 2020:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Fénix vs. Pac vs. Pentagon Jr. - AEW World Championship
The final pay-per-view of the year is reaching its crescendo to close off the year. Every one of them have been main evented by Jon Moxley, everyone of them for the AEW World Championship. This is hyped as the first ever non one-on-one match in AEW main event history, featuring the four best the company have. Jon Moxley and Death Triangle’s war has gone on for 4 months at this point, since July. We’re now in November and it’s come to a close, with us coming full circle. Everyone of them back where they started - vying for the AEW World Championship. Fénix and Pentagon have never main evented a PPV before, with Pac being only in one. Moxley on the other hand has been involved in every single main event, excluding shows he wasn’t on (Fight for the Fallen and All Out 2019).
Moxley has been entering through the crowd since Dynamite Episode 4, when Pac blindsided him during an entrance. He couldn’t trust people after that, and started travelling his own path. Fénix enters out down through the crowds seats, being with the only people who’ve stuck by him. He climbs down the stairs, first out. The Bastard is now in a tweener role, garnering him a mixed reception. It’s Pentagon next, but he doesn’t come out. Instead Moxley is given the call it’s his turn. The fans all wonder why the champ isn’t out last. Then when Mox has arrived - Pentagon steps through the curtain, and it is nothing but boos. No ironic cheers, not even entrance music - his mere presence earning the ire of the fans.
Fénix starts off with a bang, HITTING PENTAGON WITH A SUPERKICK STRAIGHT AWAY!! HE HITS PENTAGON WITH THE BLACK FIRE DRIVER!!! Pentagon rolls out while Moxley looks out in shock. FÉNIX THEN JUMPS OVER MOXLEY WITH A SPRINGBOARD TORNILLO TO THE OUTSIDE!! That leaves it to Pac and Jon. These two faced off last at All Out in a hellacious bout, and here they are again. PAC jumps up with a Leg Lariat straight off the bat! MOX THEN REBOUNDS WITH A DISCUS LARIAT!! HE LIFTS HIM INTO A MOXICITY STRAIGHT AWAY!! HE LOCKS IN A BOW AND ARROW!! PAC ESCAPES INTO A BRUTALISER!! Mox breaks free, but is then hit by a German Suplex!! PAC THEN FLIES OUT TO THE LUCHA BROS WITH A BRITISH AIRWAYS!!!
Moxley rolls outside to join the hoard. He starts to stomp around all of them, but of course is overwhelmed by numbers. HE TURNS AROUND TO A RUNNING APRON KICK FROM PENTAGON!! Pentagon then drags him inside and licks his lips. This is a dream encounter and the fans cheer. They start booing though when Pentagon gets the first bit of offence with a chop. Moxley no sells it though and hits Pentagon with his own chop - Cheer. Pentagon chops - Boo, and so on. Eventually Pac and Fénix have had enough and both springboard into the ring, both hitting their respective rivals with STEREO SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODIES!! Now it’s these two. Pac tries to conform to Fénix but he’s having none of it. So Pac has to show him his real side.
SUPERKICK BY PAC, INTO A TIGER SUPLEX!! 1......2.....FÉNIX KICKS OUT AND ROLLS THROUGH INTO A LANZA TO THE BACK!! FÉNIX THEN HITS A 540 ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! He fires himself up for a Handspring. He does it, BUT PAC CATCHES HIM WITH A DROPKICK MID MOVE!! PAC THEN WITH A DRAGONRANA!! 1..........2......MOXLEY BREAKS IT UP!! Mox comes in and starts to unleash his brawling on two guys at once. Punch to Pac - punch to Fénix - back to Pac - then again to Fénix. He runs the ropes for a Rebound Lariat, BUT PENTAGON PULLS HIM OUT!! He holds it him in place for someone to dive at him. Fénix does so with a Cannonball Tope Suicida, but instead hits Pentagon! MOXLEY THEN SLIDES IN WITH A LOU THESZ PRESS TO PAC MID RUN-UP!!
It’s now a quadruple down as every man is taken out. They’ve all practically destroyed themselves by this point. Fénix is first up and throws Moxley out the ring. That leaves it to just the original three...Death Triangle now at war. Pentagon gets up and is shouted out by both men. He steps forward, and falls to his knees. He asks for Fénix to hit him. Fénix takes the offer and lifts him up for a Superkick - BUT PENTAGON CATCHES IT AND SPINS HIM OUT OF IT!! MEXICAN DESTROYER!! HE THEN GRABS PAC INTO THE SACRIFICE!! HE’S GOING TO BREAK HIS ARM!! PAC ROLLS OUT OF IT AND HITS PENTAGON WITH A SWITCHBLADE KICK!! PAC THEN HITS HIM WITH A KNEEDROP SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!! 1.............2...........ITS BROKEN UP BY A LA GARRA DEL FÉNIX!!!!!
It’s Fénix and Pac now, and Pac is pleading for Fénix to not hurt him. Fénix shakes his head at Pac’s pleading, until he points at Pentagon Jr. Them and the crowd then get excited, and they get to work on the double team. FÉNIX HITS A BLACK FIRE DRIVER, WHICH PAC FOLLOWS UP WITH A BLACK ARROW!! They can’t decide who goes for the pin though. THIS THEN TURNS INTO A KICK FIGHT!! They trade Superkicks until JON MOXLEY SLIDES IN AND JOINS THE PARTY!! HE HITS A DOUBLE PARADIGM SHIFT!! HE THEN DIVES WITH A FLYING ELBOW DROP TO PAC!!! 1................2................3!!!!! MOXLEY RETAINS THE TITLE, HAVING GONE THROUGH WAR WITH THREE OTHER MEN. He stands up shakily, looking down at all the wreckage. He then pushes a guy who offers him some ice away as he walks through the crowd, AEW’s hero.
Jon Moxley defeats Fénix, Pac and Pentagon Jr. (35:13)
We’re out of Full Gear and now on the road to the biggest month of AEW’s calendar year - January. Not only do we start off with Homecoming on the first Dynamite of the month, we then get the Jericho Cruise and Bash at the Beach - all on the road to Revolution. Then for certain members of the roster they travel to New Japan Pro Wrestling - a place Jon Moxley spent a lot of time in last year. But this year, not so much. Moxley defended his IWGP United States Championship at Sakura Genesis against Will Ospreay - which he lost. Ospreay winning his first piece of heavyweight gold in NJPW. Afterwards Jon would say he will spend more time in America this year as he is AEW World Champion, and thus won’t compete in the G1 Climax.
Meanwhile Will is on fire. He enters the G1 Climax as part of Block B and fares well for himself. He has tough competition with the likes of Kota Ibushi, Tetsuya Naito, Minoru Suzuki, Kenta and Shingo Takagi - but he holds his own. He then goes on to defend his IWGP United States Championship at Wrestle Dynasty against fellow CHAOS stablemate in Tomohiro Ishii. He defeats him. Afterwards Ishii goes for a handshake, but Ospreay turns on him! The Great O’Kharn and Bea Priestley help beat down on Ishii. Okada then rushes out, but the gang escape in time. They then face off at Summer Struggle in Jingu, where Okada loses. Okada goes on to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship off of EVIL however at King of Pro-Wrestling. On that same show however, Will loses his title to the first ever Japanese born man to hold the gold - Hiromu Takahashi.
Back to AEW, Jon Moxley has now had his sixth successful defence of the belt and is steadily approaching a year with the title. At Full Gear we witnessed Kenny Omega defeat Adam Page to win a #1 Contenders Tournament. This immediately sets up Moxley’s next challenger, Kenny Omega. Speaking of, what’s Kenny been up to since Double or Nothing? After losing their tag titles to FTR at All Out, they’d go their separate ways. Now both are alone, with The Elite having disbanded earlier in the year. Omega starts to act more heelish while Page earns more sympathy, his only companion now being the bottle. They come to blows at Full Gear and Omega officially turns heel on that night, attacking Adam with a barbed wire broom afterwards.
Next week on Dynamite is the return of The Cleaner. We saw the tease on the build to Double or Nothing, but he never fully capitalised. By dangling the carrot and then taking it away, you switch the fans from expecting something to hoping for it back - and when they get it back it’s an even bigger deal. He comes out with the shades and jacket; a new man - a more evil man. He comes out for an interview with Tony Schiavone, and when asked why he attacked Hangman - he answers in Japanese. He refuses to speak anything other than Japanese. This is the opposite effect of him only speaking English in promos while in NJPW. Jon Moxley comes out the week following to tell Kenny he doesn’t have a damn clue what he said last week, but all he knows is he’s going to beat him for the third time in a row at Revolution. Kenny then hits him with a V-Trigger to show who’s boss. Goodbye and Goodnight.
Jon the heads east to Japan in time for Power Struggle, where everything for Wrestle Kingdom 15 is set. The second ever Double Gold Dash between Kazuchika Okada (HW), Tetsuya Naito (IC), Kota Ibushi (G1) and Will Ospreay. Hiromu defends his IWGP United States Championship against an American in Juice Robinson, which he wins. Afterwards Jon Moxley makes his triumphant return to NJPW. He says that he’s not owed any match from Hiromu, but he wants that third US title reign. So he isn’t asking for anything - but just putting out the offer. If Hiromu gives him the match, he will put his AEW World Championship on the line too. Takahashi gives Jon a hug and accepts. He then does something weird, causing Moxley to leave with a eye roll and light smile.
Moxley then tries to scare Kenny when he comes back at the end of November with the barbed wire bat, but Kenny doesn’t budge. He has his own translator with him, to tell Moxley what he thinks. I think Kenny as a heel and a goofy translator character could be entertaining, since Omega has comedic chops and hopefully they can find a guy who does too. Firstly Kenny tells Jon that he’s above speaking the language of everyone in AEW because he’s on the next level above them. They are inferior to his new being. Kenny then says he has claimed every top title he possibly can - IWGP Heavyweight, KO-D Openweight from DDT and the PWG World titles. But that - what Moxley’s holding - has alluded him. He will take it.
Then it’s December, and we start Dynamite off with an angry Jon Moxley carrying out Michael Nakazawa to the ring. He has a barbed wire bat with him. He threatens to assault him unless Kenny speaks English to his face. Omega walks out to stop it...and then points the finger gun at Nakazawa. V-TRIGGER!! Did it for Mox. Kenny then leaves Jon with a broken man in the ring. After this, Kenny cuts a backstage promo with subtitles. He says Jon is what Pac said - he can’t wrestle. He can only do crazy hardcore spotfests, he can’t get down and technical. Meanwhile Kenny is the best in the world at that, and he knows if they fight in a clean match he WILL win. So he proposes that they fight in an Iron Man Match at Revolution. A DQ will result in a fall to the other wrestler, meaning if Jon gets extreme he will give Kenny a lead. The last Dynamite of 2020 sees Moxley bring Omega out to the ring to accept, and then attack him with the bat. Moxley then travels east for Wrestle Kingdom.
Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night Two:
Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs. Jon Moxley (c) - IWGP United States Championship and AEW World Championship
The second night of Wrestle Kingdom has arrived and it’s set to be a big one. The first night saw the beginning of the second ever Double Gold Dash - where we saw Tetsuya Naito defeat Will Ospreay to retain his Intercontinental Championship along with Kota Ibushi defeating Kazuchika Okada to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Not only that but we also saw Jay White and Hiroshi Tanahashi in a grudge match as well as SANADA and EVIL do battle in a No Disqualification Match. Night two is now set to see Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada do battle as well as Okada and Ibushi fight once again for both belts. But before all that it’s the United States Championship match, and it all begins with The Death Rider
Coming out on his finest Harley Davidson, Jon Moxley drives out through the Tokyo Dome to ringside. The Young lions offer him help, but Mox hand selects his boy, Shota Umino, to help him out. The two pull it over the barricade and Moxley sits on it with the title slung over his shoulder, while Shooter does his best Shibata of arms folded and stone faced. “DEATHU RAIYDAH...JONAH MOXUREE!!!” Mox poses with the AEW World Championship. With that wacky entrance over we go to a man who can top “Wacky Dean” in every way you can do wacky possible, Hiromu Takahashi. He walks out with Daryl and Naoru, who hold the IWGP United States Championship between them. Jon sighs at this sight. Takahashi does his weird tongue taunt at all the people in the crowd, as there is no better greeting possible.
Once we’re underway Hiromu panders to the crowd for a minute or so, and then the lock up starts. A chinlock by Moxley is rolled out of and Hiromu rebounds with an arm drag into a school boy. Moxley kicks out and swings at Takahashi, who is already running off the ropes but is caught by a Big Boot! Jon then throws him into the corner and starts to unload punches. He then hits a big knee to the gut. A Snapmare and Soccer Kick follows. Jon is in control and applies a Nerve hold. Hiromu quickly sweeps out of it though and lands a Head Scissors Takedown! Hiromu puts his fingers in a v-shape and locks in between because he’s a weirdo. Commentary laugh at this but not so much at his HESITATION DROPKICK!! HOOKS THE LEG - JON KICKS OUT!! HIROMU THEN LEFTS HIM UP FOR A FALCON ARROW, BUT MOXLEY FLOATS OVER AND HITS A RELEASE SUPLEX!!
Moxley pulls himself up to stalk Takahashi in the corner, who stands up with him. He tries to get at Jon by raising his fist up towards his for a bump, and calling him “brother.” Moxley laughs it off and raises his hand, to the air, tue LIJ taunt. MOXLEY THEN HITS HIROMU WITH A SCOOP SLAM!! CURB STOMP FROM THE CORNER!! 1................2...........KICK OUT!! Jon pulls him up for a PARADIGM SHIFT - BUT HIROMU COUNTERS INTO THE DESTINO!!! 1.............2..........KICK OUT!! Both are down having done their partners moves - now learning they can’t follow any path but their own. They both recover on the outside after the kick outs from big moves. Takahashi is first back up and takes Jon back inside. He lands a Superkick to knock Moxley over the ropes, and then heads to the top ropes. HE DIVES OUTSIDE WITH A DIVING SENTON!! HE THROWS JON BACK INSIDE AND LOCKS IN A TRIANGLE CHOKE!!
He pulls and pulls on the hold, but then Jon reaches the ropes. Hiromu tries to Superkick him again BUT JON HITS HIM WITH A PENDELUM LARIAT!! HE TRIES FOR THE PARADIGM SHIFT AGAIN BUT TAKAHASHI FLOATS OVER INTO A CANADIAN DESTORYER!! MOXLEY ROLLS OUT AHD LOCKS IN A FUJIAWARA ARMBAR!! MOXLEY STOMPS ON THE HEAD FOR FURTHER DAMAGE!!! HIROMU IS FADING - UNTIL HE ROLLS OUT!! SUPERKICK FOLLOWED BY A DYNAMITE PLUNGER OVER THE ROPES TO THE APRON!! TAKAHASHI THEN FLIES OUT WITH A TOPE CON HILO!!!! Commentary are screaming for Hiromu to throw him inside and finish the job, but he’s too banged up from the fall. The ref’s 20 count begins, but by 15 they’re both back in.
Takahashi thinks for a cover, but considers it too late. He rethinks and goes for a Time Bomb, but Moxley gets out and HITS AN ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! ONE HITTER BY JON!!!! 1.................2.............KICK OUT!! TAKAHASHI BREAKS OUT AND HITS THE JOHN WOO DROPKICK!! He rolls out and sets up one of NJPW’s famously hard wood tables. HE GOES FOR A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB TO MOXLEY!! BUT JON BLOCKS IT, AND HITS A PARADIGM SHIFT TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH THE TABLE!! HE DRAGS HIROMU TAKAHASHI BACK INSIDE AND COVERS - 1...................2...............3!!!!! JON MOXLEY HAS WON THE IWGP UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE THIRD TIME IN HISTORY, AND HAS SUCCESSFULLY RETAINED HIS AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! Afterwards he grabs a microphone and says “Naito, Ibushi - I don’t care which one of you, but whoever you are - I want to hold four titles.”
Jon Moxley defeats Hiromu Takahashi (20:11)
Jon says he’s heading back home in the press conference with two titles, and says that after 18 months under his tutelage - he’s letting Shooter spread his wings and go off as his own man. “I’ll see ya soon bud.” he tells him as he walks off through the door, both belts slung over his shoulders. Jon returns home to the States on the week after AEW Homecoming, and the week before the Jericho Cruise sets sail. He comes back and while passing him backstage, says to Kenny Omega: “くたばれ!” (In romaji: (kutabare!”) (means “go to hell!” Literally means "Drop dead!") A match is confirmed for the Jericho Cruise ship, where both guys will team together to run a gauntlet. The build for this is seen when Omega opens the show with a backstage promo (because this show needs promos where every third word isn’t cut off by reception).
He says that Jon may think he’s now the king of Japan, but he better no who he’s talking to. Former IWGP Heayvweight, Intercontinental, Junior Heavyweight, United States, Tag Team and NEVER Openweight Six-man Tag Team Champion. Jon can’t and never will top his Puroresu credentials. So he’s going to get to watch Omega to do what he did for 10 years and feel what it’s like to be the lesser, because he needs to be knocked off his perch now he’s passed over 300 days as champion. Jon comes out normally but Kenny has all the bells and whistles, as he enters to “Dragon Heart” from Seiken Tsukai No World Break. He’s led to the ring by a group of dancing ladies with brooms, as he basks in his own ego. They ultimately fall to FTR - the team who defeated Page and Omega at All Out, after a miscommunication.
Bash at the Beach and they have a match with FTR, this time for their AEW World Tag Team Championships. Cash slips out of a One Winged Angel and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Omega struggles in it but then he’s done for when Dax drops down with a Knee. Omega then instantly tap. Afterwards Jon goes ballistic on him for not making him a triple champion. “No wonder everyone you loved left you.” he says in an interview with Tony Schiavone next week. After that Kenny challenges Moxley saying that everyone he loved left him. Moxley then slowly brings out all his buddies. Darby Allin, Sting, Will Hobbs and Shota Umino. He then starts to call for Omega’s friends. “Riho? Nakazawa? Hangman? The Bucks? No one home it seems. But what hurts most is this: IBUSHI? dead silence” “Now all you got is your dumbass translator. Speaking of - attacks translator” Kenny walks off in defeat.
The go home show confirms a Hardcore Match between Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa. Nakazawa left Kenny as a friend after he turned to the dark side. This is a match driven by enough but told through DDT hardcore spots. I think I’m the only person on earth who enjoyed Nakazawa/Jebailey so I’d like this, also considering it contains Kenny Omega in it. Omega wins with a One Winged Angel onto a pile of loose arcade buttons. Afterwards he speaks in English for the first time all year. “Jon - what I do to you at Revolution will end your fairytale of a title run. I am not who you had your first successful defence against, you have seen god damn nothing.” This means we’ve reached our destination - Los Angeles, the city in which we will witness the Iron Man Match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.
Revolution 2021:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Kenny Omega - 30-minute Iron Man Match for the AEW World Championship
Revolution has seen a lot so far, and is already in the history books as one of AEW’s best ever PPVs. But you have to save the best for last, of course. The main event arrives, and it starts with something hardcore...BABYMETAL. Live on the stage are the most Kenny Omega band imaginable, signing a song about hardships and overcoming defeat via perseverance. Then a fan walks on stage and starts to jam out, and the bad stop and look at him weird. Lights go out...ITS KENNY OMEGA!! AS AKUMA’S RAGING DEMON!! His hair is dyed red and spiked up and he has the demon symbol painted on his back. They then resume the song as Omega walks down. Justin Roberts has really strapped up his boots for this one and he has to do not one but two dramatic ring introductions for this match.
Jon Moxley then doesn’t have a Harley Davidson like last time (some things are too good to be true), instead having to walk like a beta. Nevertheless he still has two titles with him, commentary pointing out his IWGP United States Championship - also mentioning the belts inaugural champion was Kenny Omega - but now Moxley has held it three times. He walks past his wife Renee Paquette in the crowd who wishes him good luck. Jon slithers into the ring and makes Omega watch as he raises up both titles. Excalibur says that Omega will be the third man in history to have held a major heavyweight championship in Mexico, Japan and the United States if he wins. Previous winners being Antonio Inoki (IWGP, WWF and UWA) and Vader (IWGP/AJPW, WCW and UWA). Also j the crowd for this match are Alex Jebailey who receives a boo at his arrival. The cameras then go to Renee who gets a pop.
The bell rings and the match has started. Kenny and Jon slowly advance, doing little circles around the centre. Then they pounce into a lock up. Kenny misses the chinlock and instead is on the receiving end of one. He tries to slide out but Jon snatches him back with an armhold. Omega kicks up to knock Jon off and get away. He dusts his hands and this time leapfrogs Moxley when he goes for him, and grabs him by the waist. He slams him back and gets a rest hold in. He applies a headlock and rolls back into a mini Crossface. Jon grabs the ropes and retreats to his corner. Eventually he gets bored of this and wants to fuck shit up, so when Omega runs at him he hits a kick to the midsection! Moxley then with an EXPLODER SUPLEX STRAIGHT AWAY!! He hits it and basks in the soaking applause of the fans.
Jon lifts Kenny up but he’s hit by a Enziguri!! HE FOLLOWS WITH THE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE! As soon as the Moonsault lands he covers, 1........2......KICK OUT!! Jon then connects an Arm Drag and follows with a Kitchen Sink! HE TRIES FOR AN EARLY PARADIGM SHIFT!! OMEGA FLOATS OVER AND LANDS A KOTARO KRUSHER!!! HE HITS ANOTHER ONE INTO THE CORNER!!! He flies over the ropes with the second and so starts to scale the turnbuckles to get back in. HE PULLS JON UP BY A GUTWRENCH!! He tugs and tugs but Moxley sandbags. He still gets him to the first rope. He’s looking for Dr. Wiley’s Powerbomb! MOXLEY THEN LIFTS HIM FOR A SUPERPLEX!! KENNY STAYS PUT!! MOXLEY THEN CATCHES HIM WITH AN AIR RAID CRASH!! HE FLIES!! 1.............2..........3!!!!!!!!!! Jon Moxley earns 1 point.
Omega is flustered by that sudden pinfall. Moxley is arrogant about getting a quick pin and turns around to showboat. HE’S THEN CAUGHT WITH A REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER BY OMEGA!! Kenny then slits his throat and points a finger gun at Moxley’s head, BEFORE LANDING A V-TRIGGER!! HE HITS THE AOI SHOUDOU!! HE THEN RUNS THE ROPES FOR ANOTHER V-TRIGGER BUT HES CAUGHT WITH A HEADBUTT!! MOXLEY THEN HITS A CUTTER!!! 1..KICK OUT!! OMEGA GETS UP AND HITS A MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! This man is not fucking about. He pulls Moxley up and thinks he’ll hit him with his own move, the Paradigm Shift. MOXLEY COUNTERS WITH A BACKBODY DROP TO THE OUTSIDE!! Omega lands on his feet, but is immediately hit by a SUICIDE DIVE FROM MOXLEY!!
Both guys are now on the outside after the big dive. Moxley isn’t much of a high flyer aside from his elbow drops, but here he just went. He gets up with a middle finger in the sky to show he enjoyed that. He drags Kenny back in with him. He throws Omega to the corner and starts to come in with punches and stomps. He runs for a HESITATION DROPKICK!! He then lifts Omega up for a chop. He readies himself...OMEGA HITS A V-TRIGGER!! DRAGON SUPLEX BY OMEGA!! RISE OF THE TERMINATOR BY OMEGA TO THE OUTSIDE!! He then bashes Moxley’s head off the ring post a few times until he throws him back in He irish whips Jon to the corner, who jumps to the second rope, and IS THEN HIT WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE REAR!! OMEGA CLIMBS UP AND HITS A SUPER CROYT’S WRATH!!!! 1..............2..............3!!!! Kenny Omega earns 1 point.
We’re now approaching 20 minutes and the score has just been made equal. Omega climbs up and is now the one who gets cocky. He comes prepared for the surprise attack as he flips out of a German Suplex. SUPERKICK INTO THE ROPES, BUT IS CAUGHT BY A PENDULUM LARIAT!! MOXLEY THEN GOES FOR A SPINNING PARADIGM SHIFT! KENNY ESCAPES AND RUNS THE ROPES, BUT IS CAUGHT BY A KITCHEN SINK!! JAPANESE ARM DRAG BY MOXLEY!! They’re desperate for the second point and the clock is ticking. We’re over 20 minutes now. Omega kicks into gear when he attempts a One Winged Angel and the fans leave their seats. Moxley quickly slides out though and scurries for the corner. Kenny basks in the glory of embarrassing the world champion. HE’S THEN ROLLED UP BY MOXLEY!! KICK OUT AND A DOUBLE DOWN FROM STEREO CLOTHESLINES!!
Continues in comments
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2020.10.31 00:49 Sparky2006 Critique my PC build

Please critique my parts list for my first PC Build. I'm gonna be using this for photo/video editing, gaming, and streaming. Hoping to build this by the end of November. My plan is to get a 2060 right now and then upgrade to a 3080 a year down the line when stock is hopefully better.

[PCPartPicker Part List](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/x6VykX)

**CPU** [AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/9nm323/amd-ryzen-5-3600-36-thz-6-core-processor-100-100000031box) $199.99 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4vzv6h/noctua-cpu-cooler-nhd15) $89.95 @ Newegg
**Motherboard** [Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/dmGnTW/asus-tuf-gaming-x570-plus-wi-fi-atx-am4-motherboard-tuf-gaming-x570-plus-wi-fi) $179.99 @ Amazon
**Memory** [Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/6rrcCJ/corsair-memory-cmk32gx4m2b3200c16) $129.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Samsung 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/JLdxFT/samsung-970-evo-10tb-m2-2280-solid-state-drive-mz-v7e1t0baw) $149.99 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB KO GAMING Video Card](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rTpmP6/evga-geforce-rtx-2060-6-gb-ko-gaming-video-card-06g-p4-2066-kr) $362.94 @ Office Depot
**Case** [Lian Li LANCOOL II-X ATX Mid Tower Case](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/kRFKHx/lian-li-lancool-ii-x-atx-mid-tower-case-lancool-ii-x) $86.99 @ Amazon
**Power Supply** [SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/jWFXsY/seasonic-focus-plus-gold-850w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-ssr-850fx) $156.98 @ Newegg
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$1356.82**
Generated by [PCPartPicker](https://pcpartpicker.com) 2020-10-30 19:47 EDT-0400
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2020.10.31 00:48 MTLev Dmitry Shakuta KO Rafal Petertil Many kickboxing fans seem to forget about Dmitry Shakuta, he was never a flashy fighter but always displayed great tactics and technique. Shakuta is arguably top 5 all-time at Welterweight (75-79kg).

Dmitry Shakuta KO Rafal Petertil Many kickboxing fans seem to forget about Dmitry Shakuta, he was never a flashy fighter but always displayed great tactics and technique. Shakuta is arguably top 5 all-time at Welterweight (75-79kg). submitted by MTLev to Kickboxing [link] [comments]


H.H. DORJE CHANG BUDDHA III WAN KO YESHE NORBU HOLIEST TATHAGATA submitted by shizhengjing to u/shizhengjing [link] [comments]

2020.10.31 00:40 shizhengjing Dorje Chang Buddha III (Master Wan Ko Yee) as being the highest and greatest holy being

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2020.10.31 00:38 Moneymkr47 [WTS] Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with Ti scales (C)

Para 2 Ti
Good evening swappers,
Tonight I am trying to sell this Para2 with flytanium scales, backspacer, and a Ti lanyard tube. This knife was purchased here from the swap. I planned on carrying it, but I find myself rarely reaching for it. Basically dead center blade. Drops shut, with a little side to side blade play. Which could probably be tuned out.
Small scuff in the DLC. The blade may have been sharpened by a previous owner. Also paint chips on the pocket clip.
Comes with box, original scales, tube, and pocket clip.
I’ll grade this a solid C.
Looking for SV/TV $200 shipped. PP G&S.
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2020.10.31 00:34 janeto22 Ayam Bangkok Hitam Jergem Sang Petarung Handal

Ayam Bangkok Hitam Jergem Sang Petarung Handal
Ayam Bangkok Hitam Jergem Sang Petarung Handal
Ayam Bangkok Hitam Jergem Sang Petarung Handal- Kehadiran ayam bangkok hitam jergem yang sudah terkenal bahkan tinggi peminatnya untuk dimiliki. Banyak bobotoh yang menyebut bahwa ayam aduan ini pada dasarnya berasal dari hasil perkawinan silang. Yakni antara ayam bangkok asli Thailand dengan ayam aduan lokal Indonesia. Meski sudah tercampur dengan ras yang lain dan sudah menghilangkan keasliannya. Namun tetap saja, jenis ayam satu ini tetap tidak boleh diremehkan karena sudah sering kali keluar sebagai petarung jawara.

Ayam Bangkok Hitam Jergem Sang Petarung Handal

Pada dasarnya, ayam hitam jergem dilengkapi dengan struktur tulangan yang sangat kuat dan besar sehingga membuatnya cocok dijadikan sebagai ayam tipe pukul. Dimana hal ini sudah banyak dibuktikan oleh banyak bobotoh di arena laga yang melihat langsung kekuatan pukulan yang mematikan ketimbang memanfaatkan serangan jalu yang dimiliki.
Untuk gaya tarung yang dimiliki, ayam hitam jergem lebih sering menggunakan teknik kontrol. Yakni jarang melesatkan banyak pukulan melainkan cukup satu pukulan saja sudah mampu membuat lawan kaget yang kemudian baru dilanjutkan dengan serangan beruntun.
Memiliki tubuh yang besar membuat ayam aduan satu ini memiliki sejumlah stamina tarung hingga daya tahan pukul yang kuat. Hal ini juga menjadi modal bagi sang ayam setiap berlaga. Sehingga tidak heran jika ia sering keluar sebagai jawara di arena laga.
Selain itu, dalam bertarung ayam ini juga dikenal sangat tenang dan full kontrol. Ditambah lagi jika dari awal ayam aduan satu ini juga dibekali dengan pukulan KO. Tentu akan membuat alur pertandingan berakhir semakin cepat.
Ayam petarung satu ini dikenal dengan bulu yang lebat berwarna hitam serta sering memunculkan aura yang menakutkan ketika memasuki arena. Dan ketika sudah terkena sinar matahari, bulu ayam akan terlihat mengkilap sehingga menambahkan keperkasaan yang dimiliki.
Demikian sedikit pembahasan tentang ayam Bangkok hitam jergem yang sangat handal dalam pertarungan. Semoga materi tersebut dapat menambah wawasan anda didalam dunia sabung ayam. Sekian dan terima kasih.
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2020.10.31 00:34 dannySF415 Free Autodesk Courses to strengthen skills in BIM ✏️

Hi BIM Community!
BIM 360 Design is an efficient way to share your design with the entire team. In this unit, you learn how to upload your model to BIM 360 to monitor changes to elements in a multi-discipline project in the cloud and identify potential issues. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=280
BIM 360 Design is an efficient way to share your design with the entire team. In this unit, you learn how to upload your model to BIM 360 to monitor changes to elements in a multi-discipline project in the cloud and identify potential issues. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=280
Stay up to date in the office and on the project job site, using cloud connected data and systems. This will help you unlock capabilities to share and collaborate across the project lifecycle in real time without barriers. As a BIM manager, it is important to set up the BIM 360 project right the first time. In this unit, learn how to setup a BIM 360 project and invite people to the project for better team collaboration across disciplines and firms. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=322 Sharing design models between the architect and civil engineer helps reduce rework and improves collaboration. Use BIM 360 to share surface data after setting the geospacial coordinates for the project.https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=376
Sharing design models between the architect and civil engineer helps reduce rework and improves collaboration. Use BIM 360 to share surface data after setting the geospacial coordinates for the project.https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=376
Coordinating infrastructure projects in the cloud helps reduce error and rework. In this course, learn how to upload your design into BIM 360. Then use markup tools to communicate required design changes. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=378 Coordinating infrastructure projects in the cloud helps reduce error and rework. In this course, learn how to upload your design into BIM 360. Then use markup tools to communicate required design changes. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=378
Migrating Civil 3D files into BIM360 makes external references and data references available for everyone to use in the cloud. Learn how to upload Civil 3D drawing files and sheet set files for better collaboration across the team. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=379
Migrating Civil 3D files into BIM360 makes external references and data references available for everyone to use in the cloud. Learn how to upload Civil 3D drawing files and sheet set files for better collaboration across the team. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/connected-learning/course?id=379 The BIM 360 App for mobile devices provides this functionality, giving the field personals the tools required to convey the site information back to the office and design teams. In this course, you learn how to download and install the BIM 360 app on a tablet device. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/course?id=504 The focus of this course is for you to access the project on the mobile device, you then add markups based on the site information to the BIM data. You also create issues and notify the relevant team member of any disparity onsite. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/course?id=509
Welcome to RFI and Checklist Management using the BIM 360 Mobile App. For the BIM 360 Build Subscribers, the BIM 360 mobile app provides a number of additional functionalities. You create RFIs in the field using the specialized RFI tools. You then run various checklists, such as QA, Safety, Commissioning, and so on. Finally, for the non-compliant items, you can create issues straight from the Checklist and then manage them like normal issues. https://customersuccess.autodesk.com/course?id=511
All the best, Daniel
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2020.10.31 00:17 Gospodin_Nobody Cijene grafickih kartica

Jebo pas mater pohlepnoj gamadi u ovoj drzavi. Kak moze rtx 3070 kostat 7000 kn. Ko tu koga jebe?! Cijena rtx 3080 je 7600 kn... Ne shvacam kak je to uopce dopusteno.
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2020.10.31 00:16 gengarvibes Ran out of blood packs, bullets, and life against orphan of kos at 15%. I’m an absolute wreck of nerves now, but what a fight!

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2020.10.31 00:09 CoffeeJank (MCU) Captain America with Mjölnir vs (DCEU) Aquaman & (DCEU) Cyborg.

2 vs 1.

1. Captain America with Mjölnir

(Avengers EndGame 2019)

2. Aquaman & Cyborg

(Justice League 2017) (Aquaman 2018)
Rules: Movies Characters and Movie Feats Only.
Mindset: In Character.
Location: Planet Sakaar Gladiator Arena (Thor Ragnarok Movie).
Starting Distance: Half a Football Field's Length away from each other.
Knowledge: None for All.
Win By: Death. Or KO as a Second Best. No BFR.
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2020.10.31 00:07 StaticEruption [FIGHT THREAD] Jaime Munguia vs. Tureano Johnson, Rashidi Ellis vs. Alexis Rocha, Elwin Soto vs. Carlos Buitrago, Marlen Esparza vs. Sulem Urbina

Fights begin at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Live on DAZN


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2020.10.30 23:54 ZanpakutoKiller (FOX) Dr. Doom vs (CW) King Shark + (CW) Gorilla Grodd + (FOX) Beast.

1 vs 3.

1. King Shark + Gorilla Grodd + Beast

(The Flash TV/Netflix Series) (X-Men First Class + Apocalypse + Dark Phoenix 2011-2019)

2. Dr. Doom

(Fantastic Four 1 2005)
SCENARIO 1: Just as the Title Says, Dr. Doom vs King Shark + Gorilla Grodd + Beast. 1 vs 3.
SCENARIO 2: 2005 Dr. Doom gets 2015 Dr. Doom vs King Shark + Gorilla Grodd + Beast. 2 vs 3.
Rules: Movie Characters and Movie Feats Only.
Mindset: In Character.
Location: Steppenwolf vs Justice League Fight Location (Justice League Movie).
Starting Distance: Half a Football Field's Length away from each other.
Knowledge: None for all.
Win By: Death. Or KO if Death is not an option. No BFR.
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もしもピアノが弾けたなら (カラオケ) 西田敏行 - YouTube Kyun Kisi Ko (Video Song)  Tere Naam  Salman Khan ... Ink Masters Slap Off Contest KO (Full Video) Championship ... Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Pop See Ko 3 (Dance-A-Long) - YouTube Gebroeders Ko - Ik heb een boot - YouTube 上を向いて歩こう (カラオケ) 坂本九 - YouTube Bajkowa Druzyna - Ko, Ko, Ko (Official Music Video) - YouTube Aryans - Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko - YouTube EXO 엑소 '叩叩趴 (Ko Ko Bop)' MV - YouTube Hindi : Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye (नानी तेरी मोरनी ...

  1. もしもピアノが弾けたなら (カラオケ) 西田敏行 - YouTube
  2. Kyun Kisi Ko (Video Song) Tere Naam Salman Khan ...
  3. Ink Masters Slap Off Contest KO (Full Video) Championship ...
  4. Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Pop See Ko 3 (Dance-A-Long) - YouTube
  5. Gebroeders Ko - Ik heb een boot - YouTube
  6. 上を向いて歩こう (カラオケ) 坂本九 - YouTube
  7. Bajkowa Druzyna - Ko, Ko, Ko (Official Music Video) - YouTube
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Hindi : Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye Watch this beautiful Hindi rhyme Nani Teri Morni by Jingle Toons. Kids in India loves their Nani (maternal grandmother... Subscribe Now for More Exclusive Videos! https://www.youtube.com/erosnow Play Free Music back to back only on Eros Now - https://goo.gl/BEX4zD Watch #Bhavesh... EXO's 4th full album 'THE WAR' has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music: EXO 'THE WAR - The 4th Album' ... Gebroeders Ko met Ik heb een boot (boten anna) Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel please: http://bit.ly/1COOtII Koo Koo Kanga Roo's Pop See Ko 3 Buy the track: https://apple.co/2DWknYt MORE KOO KOO: Spoti... full video Inkmasters Tradeshow Worldstar Video For licensing or usage contact [email protected] Music video by Aryans performing Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko. (C) 2002 Universal Music India Pvt. Ltd. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Piosenka pochodzi z projektu Bajkowa Drużyna 'O brzydkich wyrazach, cukierkowej diecie i o innych sprawach, co ciekawią dzieci'. Więcej na http://www.bajkowa...